About the Festival

About the Festival

Welcome to The National Center for Jewish Film’s
21st Annual Film Festival!

Join us from May 2-13 for a vibrant slate of independent films
and classic cinematic treasures from around the world.


A Program of NCJF

The National Center for Jewish Film’s festival is an outgrowth of our broader work as a unique independent nonprofit film archive, distributor & exhibitor. 

Since 1976, NCJF has rescued, restored and exhibited films that document the diversity and vibrancy of Jewish life.

NCJF’s archive collection of 15,000 reels of film with Jewish content is the world’s largest outside of Israel. The Center has restored and preserved hundreds of endangered “orphan” films, the earliest from 1903. These rare films now screen worldwide and appear in hundreds of documentaries, artworks and museum exhibitions.

A world leader in the collection and exhibition of Jewish film and culture, NCJF provides consultation to 7,000 people each year. The Center supports independent filmmakers by distributing their new productions and overseeing new films produced under its aegis.

Learn more about The National Center for Jewish Film.

The NCJF Team

Profound thanks to NCJF’s staff!
The festival is directed & curated by Lisa Rivo & Sharon Pucker Rivo

 Support NCJF

Don’t Let History Fade Away. Save Endangered Films!
We need your help! Thousands of films exclusively owned by NCJF are in critical need of rescue, preservation and digitization. Restoration of 35mm, 16mm & 8mm film is extremely costly. Without your support, these rapidly deteriorating moving images will fade into history. DONATE TODAY

Become a NCJF Reel Funder with a gift of $1000 or more and receive a pair of tickets to all festival films!
Help us rescue and restore films & support independent filmmakers. Contact us.

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Purchase 280 films on DVD including our restored archive films in active distribution.


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